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Below is a masterlist of articles.
* Indicates articles of special significance.

Why MMOs Are Complicated (Production) An analysis of MMO development and operational complexities – the platform.

Eating Your Babies: APB’s Essential Failure (Design) The bankruptcy of APB and its studio came from a major design error.

Beyond Fantasies & Licenses (Design) The characteristics of great original IPs, including examples with design details.

Selling MMOs (Production) Marketing F2P MMOs, with emphasis on product pricing strategies and customer management. Customer acquisition, development and churn are treated in detail. Strategies for using social network sites are described.

* A Customer Development Strategy for Building Online Games (Production) Reorganizing the strategic process of game development around “Customer Development” and agile methodologies such as Scrum.

The Next Generation of Social Networking Games (Design) Injecting novel design concepts into social network games while retaining the continuous development and customer-driver development philosophies of the medium.

How MMOs Designed Away Social Gameplay (Design) The emphasis on solo-able content in MMOs has been at the expense of player grouping, which hurts customer retention. Interesting exceptions may exist for MMOs in Internet Cafes or linked to Social Networking sites.

Project Management for Game Development (Production) Applying modern project management (from PMI’s PMBOK) to the five phases of MMO development.

Web 2.0 and MMOs (Production) Applying web 2.0 philosophies, smaller budgets, and new topics to achieve MMO business success.

Subscriptions vs Microtransactions (Design & Production) How to combine the microtransaction and subscription business model in the same MMO game.

How the PK Mafia Ruins Business (Design) MMO players often demand “meaningful” PvP, but its bad business to give it to them.